It's been an incredible start for Galactic Sock Co since we released our Finger Socks and we cannot thank the mad support thats been surrounding us! Whether it's a sale, a like or follow on socials or simply a name drop in a conversation to keep up small talk with other motie maniacs at the track, WE APPRECIATE THE SHIT OUT OF IT! So a MASSIVE thank you to all you legends out there backing us Goons up at Galactic Sock Co! A special shoutout to our boy who was our first Ride Team Member to sign up this season, Chandler Burns. Chandler has absolutely thrown his body and mind into this season and we could not be prouder of his efforts especially considering he had to make a badass comeback enduring some hefty injuries mid season but he still made it the The Australian Supercross like the boss man he is. We asked him the week leading up to the event how he felt preparation wise for the big day physically and mentally with which his response "I'm physically feeling really happy with my recovery after practice today and I'm just focusing on going out there Saturday and having fun" FUCK YEAH CHANDLER! What a mentality to uphold keeping the stress and anxiousness at bay. Thanks for being a killer representative of Galactic Sock Co Finger Socks and we can't wait to see what the next season holds! You got our full support dude! Leading into the 'silly season' that is Christmas, make sure you get you orders in early and make someone's day with our Finger Socks First Releases! We'll have another new excitement shipment coming in the new year so don't wait and miss out waiting for our sorry asses to restock, GET YOU HANDS ON SOME NOW! The Socks are also in the making...plus so much more rad news to reveal...keep up to date on our Instagram page @galacticsockco #galacticsockco PEACE OUT KIDS! The Goons at Galactic Sock Co #motorcross #ausmx #motorcrossgear #mx #moties #motorbikes #bikes #racing

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